Violinist for Pittsburgh Weddings

As a professional violinist, my style, talent, and versatility will add a touch of elegance to any part of your wedding ceremony and/or cocktail hour. Violin amplification is included for all events.

It can be difficult to know where to start or to narrow down the musical selections for your wedding. Here is a list of commonly requested songs. When you book with Klicker Productions, I offer the opportunity to hear a variety of pieces in person.

Violin Music for Wedding Ceremonies

I perform prelude music before the ceremony begins for approximately 20-30 minutes. Music is also provided for the grandmothers', mothers', and bridal processional. Some other parts of the service where music is often requested are: lighting of mothers' candles, lighting of unity candle, and communion. A postlude/recessional following the ceremony is also provided.

Violin Music for Cocktail Hour at Wedding Receptions

As guests eagerly await the arrival of the bride and groom during cocktail hour, live violin music helps to create the perfect atmosphere.

Solo Violin Samples

Violin and Piano Samples